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  • If a man were to just stay one day in Sicily and asked me: "What can I see?" I certainly answer: "Taormina" (Guy de Maupassant)

  • "The whole of Sicily is a fantastic dimension . How do you live without Imagination ? " ( Leonardo Sciascia )

  • "The whole of Sicily is a fantastic dimension . How do you live without Imagination ? " ( Leonardo Sciascia )

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Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy applies to the website, maintained and operated Patanè Srl, located in Via Nazionale n. 192 – Taormina (ME).

The information shared by the user through this website will be used in line with this Privacy Policy along with the personal details provided by the user when booking, asking information or navigating the website (“service”) provided by Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl.

In order to provide the Service, we collect some information about our users. We collect only that information which is necessary to provide the Service and to offer our user a personalized experience. As stated in the article n. 4, the person in charge of the usage of personal information is responsible of safeguarding all users’ data.

This policy describes what information may be collected, how they may be used and any third parties this information may be shared with. It also provides further information that allow Users to give their consent to the use of their personal information.

This Privacy Policy has been written in accordance with the Recommendation n. 2/2001, adopted on 17th May, 2001, by the Data Protection Working Party - Art. 29 on the essential requirements for the online usage of personal information within the EU, and represents the disclosure to all concerned parties according to the Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree dated 30th June, 2003, n. 196 and its following amends and additions.

This Privacy Policy may be updated and modified from time to time. Therefore, you may wish to regularly check the relevant section of the website to check for any modifications.


While using this website, the following information will be collected:

Personal information

While sending the contact e-mail on the form in the section “Contacts” we may ask the User to provide personal details such as name, surname, email address and any other information the User will be able to provide, such as gender, phone number, date of birth, username on social media and third-party website (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn etc..) and more information related to the usage of the Service and browser.

The User should not share with Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl or with any other User private and confidential information that could somehow damage himself or third parties. Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl and the person in charge of the user’s personal data do not accept any responsibility for this. In particular, the User should not share any information regarding his balance sheet, political or sexual leanings, health conditions etc., unless it is explicitly requested by the type of service offered.

Service usage

 When you use our Service, we will collect the following information: (i) data related to your usage of the Service (e.g. access to courses, web pages and offers, suggestions etc..); (ii) researches and publications made; (iii) technical information (e.g source URL; IP and ID address of your device; used browser etc.); (iv) information concerning cookies as explained in the section 2.4 below; (v) information on your location at the time of the access (only if you have consented to the use of location function).

Furthermore, if you decide to connect your Facebook and/or Twitter account and other social networks to the Site wherever made possible by Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl, you will give us permission to collect some information related to the relevant social networks, such as credentials, name, email address, gender and profile picture, names and pictures of your friends etc.

Anonymous aggregated data

We can automatically collect some anonymous aggregated data on the use of the Service, such as the number of users, usage frequency and modality of the website or the extent to which some features have been used. Moreover, when using the Service for advertising advices, further anonymous details may be collected by Google Analytics and/or our special providers. This information includes the number of times you have watched an ad, checked an offer or a shop etc. (in all these cases your personal information, such as name and address will not be collected).


Cookies are small text files sent to the user by the accessed website. They are stored on your computer’s hard drive and allow the website to recognize and keep some information about the user in order to improve the quality of the offered service.

There are different types of cookies. Some of them are essential to navigate the Site, some others are used for guaranteeing secure access, for managing the system, conducting statistical analysis, finding out which sections of the Site are the most visited and tailor the Site visit.

 The Site uses technical and not profiling cookies. The following description applies to the user’s device and to any other device used by him to access the Site.


Technical cookies

Technical cookies are exclusively used for transmitting a communication on an electronic communication network or as needed by the service provider explicitly asked by the subscriber or user to provide this service.

They are not used for any other purpose and are usually installed by the website’s owner or administrator.

They can be divided into navigation and session cookies, which enable you to move within the website (e.g. purchasing a product or accessing private areas); analytic cookies, embedded into the technical cookies whenever used directly by the administrator to collect aggregated data about the number of visitors and the way they move within the website; functional cookies, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchasing) in order to improve the service quality.

Disabling cookies could limit the use of the Site and restrict some functions and services the Site may offer. In order to decide which cookies you wish to accept or reject, you can find below a description of all the cookies used on this Site.

First-party cookies:

First party cookies (i.e. cookies that belong to that publisher’s site only) are set up by the website the user is visiting, whose domain appears on the URL window. These cookies help the site to work effectively and to track all visitors’ behaviour.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are set up by different domains. A third-party cookie is usually sent by a partner or third-party society through the visited website.

Session cookies

The so-called “session cookies” are stored temporarily and are then deleted when the user closes the browser. If the user signs into the Site, he can use cookies that collect personal information in order to recognize the user’s identity on the next visits and facilitate his access or login to the website (e.g. remembering the user’s username and password) and the navigation itself. Moreover, Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl uses some cookies for system administration purposes. The Site could contain links to other sites. Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl can’t have access or control on cookies, web beacon and other tracking technologies hosted on third-party websites accessed by the user through the Site, nor on any content published or obtained through the said third party sites or on the relevant policy on the usage of personal information; Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl doesn’t accept any responsibility for this case. The user should check the privacy policy of the relevant accessed third-party sites and find out their privacy policy. As stated above, Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl's Privacy Policy only applies to the Site. 

Persistent cookies:

Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s device within browser’s sessions so that the site can remember user’s preferences or actions.

They can be used for different purposes, for example for remembering preferences and choices when using the website.

Strictly necessary cookies:

These cookies are strictly necessary in order to make the Site work. Some features on the Site would otherwise not work. They include, among the others, cookies that allow to access some protected areas across the Site. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and can’t be disabled.

Functional cookies:

These cookies are used to recognize a user when he visits the Sites a second time. They allow to tailor contents and remember preferences (for example, which language or region has been selected). These types of cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. All collected information are anonymous.

Cookies shared on Social Networks:

These cookies help sharing the site’s content across different Social Networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. In order to find out privacy and cookies’ policy of these media, you are advised to visit their websites. For Facebook and Twitter, you can visit: and

In particular, the following is a list of cookies used by the Site along with the relevant description and function, including the duration.


1)   Type of cookie: First-party functional cookie

Source: Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl

Purpose: retrieving user’s settings (saving a session and remembering some settings like accessing setting)

Duration: Persistent cookie


2)   Type of cookie: First-party functional cookie

Source: Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl

Purpose: tailoring the page’s content based on the user’s device, choices and settings (anonymously)


How to edit cookies’ settings

Most of the browsers accept cookies automatically, but usually the user can disable this function in the settings section. It is possible to block all types of cookies or accept only some of them. The sections “Options” or “Preferences” on the browser menu allow the user to choose whether he wants to receive cookies and other tracking technologies, or notifications whenever one of these technologies has been enabled. Alternatively, the section “Help” on the browser toolbar can be used.

It is also possible to select a browser among the ones from the following list and follow the corresponding instructions: Internet Explorer; - Chrome; - Safari; - Firefox; - Opera. From mobile phones: - Android; - Safari; -Windows Phone; - Blackberry.

For further information on cookies and for managing preferences on cookies (both first- and third- party), you can also visit the portal Please note that disabling navigation or functional cookies can cause the malfunctioning of the Site and/or limit the service offered by Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl.


Information collected by Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl are used for the following purposes:

to provide our Service, to ensure its correct working and to tailor it according to user's preferences;

to analize the usage of the site and interactions with the related services in order to develop new functions and provide customized contents and adverts;

to communicate with the users regarding the supply of the Service, also for promotional purposes;

to provide and promote personalized products and services;

to ensure that the terms of use of the Service and the Privacy Policy of the Hotel Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl are respected;

In particular:

Personal information collected may be used to meet your service requests, to communicate with you, to support your activities regarding the Service and to answer your questions. It will also be possible to use your personal information and/or your profile information to tailor your purchase experience and improve the offered Service. While using the Service, Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl will be able to recognize your identity thanks to the name and surname you will provide when sending the contact form via email or whenever you connect to a social network.

The aggregated collected information mentioned within the previous sections, as other anonymous information, is used to have a deeper understanding of our users’ behaviour and to customize the Service according to their preferences. Information collected are used so that users’ identity is not recognized.

Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl does not communicate your data to third parties for business purposes.

Your data will be processed mainly via electronic or automated devices.


The handler of usage rights of collected data through the Website is Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl, based in Via Nazionale n. 192 – Taormina.



Your personal information could be communicated to:

parties who are designated by the Handler of Usage rights to accomplish tasks related to the Service’s development and for technical maintenance of any communication or network devices;

people, societies and offices that support and give advice to the Handler of the Usage rights regarding the site and the Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl.

Your personal information, collected in the range of usage of the Service, will not be disclosed.


In the range of the Service, Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl could use third-party services, such as Google Maps and hardware components of your device, such as wi-fi, GPS and mobile network in order to track your location temporarily to customize the Service experience for you and for the other users. If you don’t wish to share your location, you can disable the geo-location feature from the settings of your mobile phone and of the website. This will limit the usage of all Service features based on location services wherever this function is enabled by Open Source Solutions.

If the user connects to Facebook and/or Twitter or other social networks from the site when this connection is permitted by Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl, some information related to some of the user’s activities and interactions with the Service could be shared with the relevant social network and used according to its corresponding privacy policy. You can manage or disable the information sharing process going to the Settings of the relevant social network.

Finally, we can share statistical aggregated information and user’s profile information with third parties, including our licensee, partners, advertisers and further parties that could offer products or services related to the Service. This data are not connected to any personal information that could allow the user’s identification. The handler of usage rights will not share with third parties any data that could lead to the identification of the users of, if not required by law (e.g as a consequence of a court order or a subpoena) or used for prevent fraud, as requested by law, or to observe our general conditions and preserve the right, property and security of the Service for our users or other subjects.

Collected personal information could also be disclosed in case of merging, acquisition, total or partial sale of our company.


The handler of usage rights is bound to adopt appropriate security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized disclosure. Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl uses various security systems to protect your information. Despite the implementation of our appropriate security measures, you should be aware of the rapid and constant evolution of security systems on the Internet. Taking this into consideration, we can’t assure that the measures taken now will be able to protect your personal data from future unauthorized intrusions or that our measures can’t be circumvented. Users should be aware that, despite our efforts, different factors which are out of our control could cause the disclosure of the collected information. If you decide to access other applications, services or third-party websites through the Service, the information provided may not be subject to this privacy policy anymore. Therefore, we recommend to verify the relevant third-party privacy policies prior to the access.


The user has the rights as stated in the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, Code for the Protection of Personal Data, articles 7 and 8, available at the following link:

including the right to access and cancel the given consent, under certain conditions and with relative consequences. For exercising these rights or for further information on privacy, please contact the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl can modify the current privacy policy from time to time. The use of the collected information is subject to the policy in effect at the moment when the information is being used. Should we apply any major reviews to the way we use your personal information, we will inform you by publishing a notice on our Service or via email. By using the Service after these modifications have been applied, you automatically accept the new policy.


The documentation available on this website has been created and checked accurately but the user is supposed to verify its exactness at any time and is responsible for its use.

In case of errors, Hotel Isola Bella di Patanè srl does not accept any liability for direct or indirect damages endured by the user or third parties due to the use or missed use of that information.

Although the content described within these pages could be constantly updated and verified, there could be errors and/or omissions; the user is supposed to check its exactness contacting the desired hotel by phone or via email; also in this case, the hotel does not take any responsibility for the use or missed use of the available information.

By accessing this site, you implicitly state that you have read, understood and accepted the information present on the Legal Notice and Privacy sections and you agree to be bound by the laws and regulations related to the website itself. If you don’t accept these conditions, you are not able to use this site.